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“We aim to restore life & purpose to those fighting addiction and associated mental health”

Ebenezer Stroud is a Gloucestershire based charity and was founded six years ago by several dedicated volunteers who recognised the need for ongoing support to those who had experienced some form of addiction and/or mental distress.  

It was established to provide support for people recovering from drug and alcohol dependency and to fill an identified gap in the existing provision within the Stroud District.

It allows individuals, who have completed a recognised programme of recovery, the opportunity to rediscover their own potential through a combination of living and training together in a supported setting within the wider local community.

We provide accommodation and support for people on the road to recovery from addiction. It works by endeavouring to provide a homely environment combined with opportunities for self-development and a healthy social life essential for recovery. Individuals live together, rebuilding shattered lives through forming healthy relationships with others, gaining skills and understanding, whilst developing much needed confidence and self-esteem. This combination of support enables these individuals to integrate into the wider community through a positive life changing experience. Ebenezer Stroud views this project as an innovative model with the option to develop a model of social enterprise to further increase the offer it makes to residents by providing both training and employment opportunities to those accessing the service and beyond.

The Recovery Programme we offer, provides valuable Life Skills training and support to vulnerable adults who are accessing the project and making a long term commitment to continuing with their recovery. 

The program of support developed does not follow a generic format and is determined by the needs of the individual with the objective of helping them to feel positive and confident about the here and now and looking forward to a promising future.

By providing more opportunities for people to have personal accountability and enable them to take responsibility for the shape and direction of their lives we strengthen that person’s ability to make informed decisions in relation to their personal, social and emotional wellbeing.


Second House

Homelessness and its partner addiction is growing nationally and is becoming a bigger problem in Stroud. Places like Gloucester and Cheltenham have the same problem but more iminatives. While the problem in Stroud is just as big, because of its raural location it is more spread out and not so noticeable, but it is just as real.. To help deal with this problem we are desperatley needing to open a second house.  


Many of our modules can be adapted to meet the needs of other vulnerable groups in the community, this is particularly becoming more apparent as the present resources are being stretched by cutbacks. We believe we can help fill the gap, but to do that we need to obtain and operate a mini-bus so vulnerable people can be collected from various locations.


Nostalgia is the trading arm of Ebenezer Stroud and is particularly important because not only does it provide income for the charity but also work experience for our clients. Nostalgia will serve as a platform to sell various items both online and on market stalls which have been crafted from our workshops; these will include, Market Gardening, Woodworking & Upcycling, Personal Greeting cards and Photographs.

Educational & Vocational

One of the aims of the Ebenezer Stroud modules is to break people free completely from the dependancy culture. To help achieve this we can arrange Educational and Vocational training with various colleges across Gloucestershire, we can even other apprenticeships for those looking to join our workshops.


"Before I come in the house I was always drinking, mostly everyday, getting into trouble with the police. My life wasnt worth much at the time, but since being with Ebenezer Stroud I have changed my ways and my way of thinking. I have also changed my own philosophy of dealing with life and I follow the Christian Ethos. I have also found a new group of friends who I can trust."

“After suffering a mental breakdown, losing my house and turning to alcohol I had lost all faith and hope, I had lost everything until Ebenezer Stroud came along and took me in. It showed me how to be a normal member of society and in turn I turned to Christianity. Now I follow all that I have learned through their programme which has helped me, not just be a better person, but a better father.”

“I lived at Ebenezer Stroud for thirteen months and have sinced moved on to be closer to my children. Before arriving at Ebenezer Stroud I didn't believe in anything, but since then I left with faith and hope. I was clean for 10 months after relapsing early on but thanks to the support of the staff and the house I made my way through it. I feel blessed to of been part of Ebenezer Stroud and cant thank them enough".